Photo Credit: Matthew McIntosh

Photo Credit: Matthew McIntosh


Pianist Stephen Wallack explodes onto the new age music scene with his debut album, Chapters, which spotlights his powerful, energetic, cinematic style of composing and performing music that is full of passion, strong rhythms and heartfelt melodies. 

A Minnesota native,  Wallack was inspired by his life’s journey through a complex range of emotional moments: happiness, traveling, his family, the passing of friends and favorite places. “Each of the songs that I write are like chapters of my life,” explains Wallack. “If there was a movie about me, this album could serve as the soundtrack underscoring what I was going through and what I was feeling during various stages of my life. I describe my music as cinematic and emotional. I really enjoy when music tells a story, connects with you on a deeper level, and takes you on a journey.”

Instrumental music especially connected with him from a young age.  He began taking piano lessons at the age of five, and quickly learned that he had a unique ear for music. When he was 12, his best friend played him the album December by pianist George Winston. “That moment changed my life forever. I felt such a connection to his music, that for months I would sit at my little orange piano with a small tape player and just hit play/rewind over and over again until I figured out his songs. I essentially taught myself how to play piano listening to his music.”

When he was 14-years-old he stopped playing other people’s music and started writing his own songs. The music on his new album, Chapters is a collection of his life’s compositions - the album is forceful, energetic, confident and passionate. Wallack uses his music to connect with his emotions and tell those stories: “These songs have a very personal connection to me, but I want listeners to be able to make their own connections and see their own stories.”